Profile 8342psg1037_2.7.10.2

This profile has not been choosed as representative of an enzymatic activity in PRIAM

Graphic representation of enzymes containing that profile:
SRMS_HUMAN 8601psg1037_2.7.10.2: 1-112 272psg1037_2.7.10.2: 113-219 1psg1037_2.7.10.2: 235-403 71psg1037_2.7.10.2: 404-455 8342psg1037_2.7.10.2: 456-485
SRMS_MOUSE 8601psg1037_2.7.10.2: 1-116 272psg1037_2.7.10.2: 120-219 1psg1037_2.7.10.2: 239-407 71psg1037_2.7.10.2: 408-459 8342psg1037_2.7.10.2: 460-489

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