Profile 616psg189_6.3.2.13

This profile has not been choosed as representative of an enzymatic activity in PRIAM

Graphic representation of enzymes containing that profile:
MURE_BUCAI 616psg189_6.3.2.13: 1-37 13psg189_6.3.2.13: 38-67 734psg189_6.3.2.13: 68-106 63psg189_6.3.2.13: 107-145 73psg189_6.3.2.13: 165-235 738psg189_6.3.2.13: 236-339 33psg189_6.3.2.13: 340-419 707psg189_6.3.2.13: 420-464 6psg189_6.3.2.13: 465-493

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