Profile 30865psg1037_2.7.11.13

This profile has not been choosed as representative of an enzymatic activity in PRIAM

Graphic representation of enzymes containing that profile:
KPCD1_HUMAN 30865psg1037_2.7.11.13: 1-47 3129psg1037_2.7.11.13: 48-357 7259psg1037_2.7.11.13: 358-394 2233psg1037_2.7.11.13: 395-542 2783psg1037_2.7.11.13: 543-586 1psg1037_2.7.11.13: 587-761 18psg1037_2.7.11.13: 762-816 1788psg1037_2.7.11.13: 819-867 5937psg1037_2.7.11.13: 868-912

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